Channel Equipment

Terms and Conditions



*Rental rates are based on an 8-hour day, 40-hour week, and 160-hour/4 week month. 

*Hour meters will determine additional rental charges. 

*Transportation is not included in rates. 

*Equipment returned excessively dirty with asphalt, cement, or rocks on machines or in buckets will be charged for cleaning by the hour. 

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice. 

*Customer is responsible for cost to repair or replace any damaged glass, tire due to cuts, tears, seperation, punctures, or excessive wear. 

*Customer is responsible for any maintenance and repairs required beyond normal wear conditions, including ground engaging tools (teeth, cutting edge ect.)

*All equipment must be returned in same condition as it was delivered. 

*All equipment must be operated in a safe and responsible manner.

*Units subject to availability.


Bare Rentals

*Bare rates do not include fuel or DEF. 

*Fuel and DEF is back charged at contracted rate.

*Customer is responsible for normal maintenance of equipment, including but not limited to, checking fluids levels, tire pressure, fueling and greasing equipment. 

*See back of rental agreement for complete terms and conditions.

*Certificate of insurance required.


Operated Rentals

*All equipment subject to 8 hour minimun first day.

  *All equipment subject to 4 hour minimun after first day.

*Wage rates are based on current union contracts including over and double time.

*See back of rental agreement for complete terms and conditions. 

*Certificate of insurance required.